Why You Probably Shouldn’t Buy Solo Ads!

So let me get one thing straight right from the beginning, solo ads from quality sellers still do work and will never stop working!

BUT you should probably still not spend a single Penny on solo ad traffic and here is why:

solo ads

Let’s take a look on how the average solo ad seller builds their list and therefore their business.

But first, let’s take a look at what solo ads used to be… In the past solo ads were sold by “normal” marketers, who mostly sold regular products to their lists and who actually build know, like and trust with their lists…

Those marketers only used solo ads as a way to supplement their main income, which was made by selling and actually building a relationship with their list.

They didn’t sell solo ads to just anyone ready to buy one, they only sold to people who actually offered something of value to their subscribers. No hyped up “How to make $342 overnight doing nothing!” offers (at least most of the time), because these kind of offers usually provide no value.

They utilized the solo ads and the free offers of other marketers to deepen the relationship with their list.

That’s why solo ads used to be one of the best traffic source there was…

Unfortunately things have changed for the worse!

Today most solo ad sellers don’t do any traditional marketing or relationship building for that matter.

Their whole business revolves around selling solo ads. Now, this might not seem like a bad thing on first glance, but if you take a closer look you will be shocked…

Here is how most of them actually build their list:

They just buy solo ads until they reach enough subscribers to start doing ad swaps.

In case you don’t know what an ad swap is: Person A sends a broadcast to his list sending X amount of clicks to a squeeze page of person B. Person B then returns the favor sends X amount of clicks to a squeeze page of person A.

This way the same subscribers on one solo ad sellers list end up on dozens and dozens of lists of other guys that, can you guess it? Sell solo ads themselves…

It just becomes one big circle jerk and the subscribers are bombarded with dozens of offers on a daily basis. Even worse, most of these offers are free since advertises are usually trying to build a list themselves.

Therefore the subscribers become trained to respond to free offers only, because why spend $47 on a course about list building or blogging when you have already received several emails promising the exact same kind of information for free.

Combine that with some black sheep and even outright scam artists sending you cheap fake traffic from sites like HitLeap and you end up with a traffic source that shouldn’t be used by most marketers, especially due to the fact that there are similar cheap traffic sources available. But more on that later…

Good luck with building a responsive list of buyers under those circumstances.

By the way don’t get me wrong, solo ads can still be highly profitable. No doubt about that. I know one guy from my Mastermind group relying solely on solo ads and this guy is killing it making mid six figures.

But why take the risk if there are other options available?

For example you can use CPM Mail drops to get quality traffic from email newsletters.

You may read my full post about CPM Mail Drops here: CPM Mail Drops – Better Solo Ad Alternative?

Another example would be Facebook depending on your niche it’s super easy to get clicks at less than $0.60, once you have figured out their advertising platform, and you can rest assured that you will receive real quality traffic that hasn’t been spammed to death already!

solo ad directory

But Facebook and CPM Mail Drops are just the tip of the iceberg… You could use Bing or Google Content Network, you could do a media buy.

The possibilities are endless and these traffic sources are way more predictable and reliable!

But advertising using any of these methods takes way more work than just buying a solo ad… and unfortunately most wannabe marketers are lazy always chasing those easy overnight profits that they were promised by some shady guru and therefore doomed to failure right from the get go.

Don’t be one of these guys!

Put in the work and reap the results of your hard work.

What’s your opinion on solo ads?

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