Thanks to internet marketing I was able to visit the following places over the course of last year:

Koh Samui, Thailand:


Mallorca, Spain:


Las Vegas, United States:


Without internet marketing this would have been impossible… That’s why I have started this blog to give back to this amazing community and to help other people stuck in my former situation.

You see, I dropped out of college. Which in Germany is a big thing. A really big thing to be exact.

As a college dropout at the age of 26 (almost 2 years ago), on the height of the financial crises, it was almost impossible to find a job.

The only job I could find after 6 months was as an insurance salesman.

No, salary. Commission only.

Going door to door, always trying to close.

Day in. Day out.

I hated it.

But I learned a lot about selling, human psychology and more importantly about myself!

After 3 months of going door to door I figured there had to be an easier way… And it turned out there was.

By chance I stumbled over the Warriorforum and Blackhatworld. I learned everything there was to learn about list building and buying traffic.

Soon after I stopped going door to door… I now found all my potential clients online.


From barely making a living to the good side of life, just by applying knowledge.

Hitting my first 5 figure month!

It was crazy man. Once I applied these online tactics to my then offline business, business went through the roof.

Fast forward to now. I haven’t been selling in person in months, instead I ran a local lead brokerage that worked exclusively on a referral basis. This business was an online/offline hybrid, which from my experience so far seems to be the most profitable form of “online” business. But also the most work intensive so…

Last week I sold this business for a nice sum.

Now I’m only left with running 3 different niche businesses that are purely digital, selling information products. These provide what most people would call passive income.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to achieve the same level of success were you have reached the ultimate goal for most of us: ABSOLUTE FREEDOM!

This blog is meant to guide you on your journey and provide you with tips and insights to speed up the process to light speed.

To your success,


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