I’m currently accepting guest posts on this blog.

So if you have a quality piece of content feel free to send it in.

To get one thing straight however.

Don’t even bother sending in spun or other forms of crap content. There is no way I’m going to publish something of low or average quality!

Here is a list of the mandatory features of your content to be published on this blog:

  1. Your post must be at least 500 words long (better over a 1000 words), without your authors bio.
  2. Contain at least 2 pictures
  3. Must be useful for an internet marketing audience. Whether it’s about SEO, list building or even self-development doesn’t really matter!
  4. Cannot be already published somewhere else and has to be unique

You may include up to 2 external links in your articles body (however they cannot be affiliate links, linking to a squeeze page is alright!) and up to 2 external links in your authors bio.

Giving you a total of 4 external links.

Your authors’ bio shouldn’t be longer than 150 words.

If you got a piece of content that matches this criteria feel free to send it to my email address affbizz [-at-] web.de (remove the spaces and replace the [-at-] with @).

Make sure the subject line says “Guest Blogging” in it. Otherwise there is a high likelihood of me ignoring your email!!!

By the way…

If you got more pieces of content that you think should be published on this blog, also feel free to send them in as well.

Let’s say for example, you have 5 outstanding articles I’m more than willing to publish them all, if I deem them useful for my audience!

To your success,